Local Community Observes Spectacular Natural Phenomenon in Night Sky

An astonishing and uncommon phenomenon was witnessed this past weekend in the southern part of the Argentina and various locations around the world. 

It was the southern lights of Aurora Australis triggered by a powerful solar storm, the largest recorded in almost two decades due to recent solar eruptions.

The spectacle was not confined to Ushuaia, as the Marambio base in Antarctica also witnessed this luminescence, which is best seen at night and is expected to last through May 19.

In addition to the Marambio base, Aurora Australis was observed from the Orcadas base. According to the National Meteorological Service, this is the first time such a phenomenon has been recorded at this base, as it is more commonly seen at the more southerly Base Belgrano II.

Furthermore, social media platforms were flooded with photos from different regions of the old continent, such as England, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, New Zealand, Austria, Germany, and even Spain. Although the phenomenon is usually seen only occasionally in polar regions, this time the intensity of the solar storm particles allowed for a much wider visibility, covering areas much larger than the polar zones.

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