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Customs Brokerage

Delver Agents’ in-house customs brokerage specialists have the local expertise to ensure a smooth delivery to your business or vessel in North or South America. As a Horizon Group company, we also offer U.S.-based customs brokerage solutions through Horizon Air Freight.
Our team is located at marine ports and airports across the Southern Cone region, with a focus on Argentinian, Chilean and Uruguayan customs clearance. Delver Agents is also a licensed member of the Florida Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association and is licensed to import and export a wide range of goods through any North American port.

We offer full documentation, classification, and speedy clearance for hotel supplies, expedition gear, technical spares for cruise ships and other vessels, and other commodities, both to and from South America. Our experience includes delivering industrial and marine machines and spares, retail goods, motor vehicles, perishables, and medical supplies.

Whether you’re accessing South American markets for your goods or exporting the best South America has to offer to the world, we’ll get your goods cleared and on their way.

Smooth Sailing Through Customs

Simplified Clearance To and From the Americas

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Whether you’re importing to South America or exporting the best products that South America has to offer, we’ll streamline customs clearance and get your goods on their way.