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Crew & Passenger Services

Delver Agents provides convenient travel and comfortable accommodations for visitors and professional seafarers in Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay.

We offer a variety of crew and passenger services, including:

  • Full immigration and visa services for passengers, staff and crew members
  • Transportation between airports and port cities throughout the Southern Cone
  • Arrangements for onshore medical services for passengers, staff and crew, from regular visits to emergency intervention
  • Mobile offices for marine professionals at the Port of Ushuaia, Argentina
  • Fully furnished and affordable accommodation in the best hotels in the city of Ushuaia, Argentina, conveniently located in the center and just minutes from the Port of Ushuaia

Comfort and Convenience for Crews & Passengers

Immigration, Transportation, and Accomodations for Your Guests and Seafarers

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Ensure your ships’ safe arrival, operations, and departure, streamlining your in-port operations for greater efficiency throughout South America’s Southern Cone.