Delver’s German Manterola and Nicolas Curvetto Invite Aurora Expeditions to Visit Tierra Del Fuego’s Meat and Produce Suppliers

German Manterola and Nicolas Curvetto, both of Delver Agents, recently hosted a tour for Aurora Expeditions to explore the unique beaty and allure of Tierra Del Fuego and meet several of the area’s meat and produce suppliers.

Read below for a first-hand account of the excursion!

Exploring the Fields and Vineyards of Argentina: A Gastronomic and Cultural Adventure 

On Saturday, January 9th, the Sylvia Earle Ship set sail from the port of Ushuaia for a unique adventure in Tierra del Fuego. On board, Sasha Buch and Carolin Wiseman joined members of Aurora Expeditions for an exciting tour organized by Delver Agents to visit local meat and vegetable suppliers.

The tour began early in the morning with a visit to the vegetable, dairy, and frozen goods depot, where representatives of Aurora Expeditions were joined by Delver Agents’ German Manterola and Nicolas Curvetto to get a close look at the system used to supply the ships with fresh products. Then, the group headed to Estancia La Fueguina, located at the end of the Complementary Route A of Tierra del Fuego, near the San Pablo Lighthouse.

The journey itself was an unforgettable experience, with Manterola behind the wheel throughout the journey. After traveling 130 km along Route 3 and passing through the Garibaldi Pass, the group arrived in Tolhuin and then took the Provincial Route A, driving for several kilometers on gravel roads until they reached the San Pablo Lighthouse. There, they stopped to admire the famous ship Desdémona stranded on the shore, the abandoned inn, and the houses of traditional fishermen.

After this fascinating stop, they continued towards the imposing Estancia La Fueguina, where they were welcomed by Mr. Jorge Lechman. The tour of the countryside was a unique experience, with cows, calves, bulls, guanacos, and artisanal fishermen as witnesses to this adventure.

Lunch was a true feast, with sweetbreads, sausages, black pudding, rib roast, and entrails accompanied by fresh salads made with vegetables from the local garden. After the meal, the group went out to tour the greenhouses and enjoyed delicious calafates, a typical fruit of the region.

The next day, Sunday, early in the morning, Sasha and Carolin went to the airport to head to a day in the countryside at Irene’s, a local vegetable producer in Virrey del Pino. After a peaceful and comfortable flight, they arrived at Aeroparque and then headed to Irene’s Farm, where they enjoyed a feast of cold cuts, salads, and barbecue.

The journey continued to Bahía Blanca and then to Viedma, where they visited several local producers’ farms. Despite some weather setbacks and changes in flight plans, the group managed to enjoy a unique experience in each destination, learning about local food production and life in the Argentine countryside.

In Mendoza, they visited vineyards and enjoyed a wine tasting accompanied by an exquisite paired lunch. Despite the challenges and unexpected changes, the adventure was a success, showcasing the beauty and diversity of Argentine gastronomy and agriculture.For more on the high-quality fruits and vegetables Delver supplies to its growing list of esteemed clients, go here.

Collage of images from Delver farm tour