A beautiful sunrise lighting up the sky over some pastures and farmland.

Partners in Environmental and Social Progress

Supporting expedition cruises to Antarctica and elsewhere from our hub in Ushuaia, Argentina, we depend on the stunning yet fragile beauty of our natural environment, and on the produce, products, and cultural contributions of our global communities. That’s why we partner with organizations, companies, and communities who share our commitment to environmental and social consciousness.

Organic, Sustainable, Gourmet Supplies

We source our Antarctic expedition food supplies from local Argentinian markets, cooperatives, farmers, and shepherds who follow sustainable, organic, holistic farming practices.
• Fresh fruit and vegetables from small villages in Patagonia.
• Pesticide-free produce from the local farmers of the Buenos Aires Market.
• Cattle shepherded traditionally on natural grasslands.
• Chickens that wander freely in pastoral fields.

Pastoral Shepherded Beef

Argentina’s grass-fed cattle are prized around the world for flavor and quality. We partner with a family-owned cattle ranch for beef that’s raised without antibiotics, maturing for four years in natural pastures, compared to the eight to twelve months in a typical feedlot. Combining traditional shepherding practices with modern regenerative techniques, this sustainable ranch restores natural grasslands, supporting biodiversity, while producing some of the most delicious beef in the world.

Free-Range Chicken and Eggs

We partner with a cooperative of organic farms committed to sustainable practices. Their member farms provide us with free-range chickens and eggs. Raised humanely in open farm fields, the chickens eat nutritious diets of pastoral grains and vegetables, supplemented with fish, for poultry and eggs that are flavorful and nutritious too.

Supporting Local Communities as We Serve Global Travelers

Wherever possible, we turn to local farmers and other producers to supply the needs of expedition cruise ships and their passengers. We help grow local economies sustainably, for the benefit of all, while protecting their cultures and communities.

Procuring Produce from Patagonia and Beyond

We travel the length of Argentina to supply our clients with the finest quality meats and produce that local farmers have to offer. We begin at the world-famous Buenos Aires Market, where organic farmers from northern Argentina come together to sell their fruits and vegetables.

Halfway to Ushuaia, we stop in the Patagonia region, in Viedma, a popular tourist destination for the idyllic fruit orchards, vegetable farms, and dairies in the surrounding small villages.

We gather the freshest, most flavorful organic produce Argentina has to offer, bring it to Ushuaia, then deliver it to expedition cruise ships for the delightful dining experiences of their passengers… all while supporting our local economies.