Proper Communication and Detailed Organization Key in Helping Clients Meet Their Shipping Needs

Regarded as the premier ship agency in the region, Delver Agents proudly offers ship agency and supplies, logistical support, and import-export services to a global portfolio of clients operating in the Southern Cone of South America and Antarctica. With our staff and partners in Argentina, Chile, the United States, and Europe, we handle logistics for over 70 percent of Antarctica-bound cruise ships, yachts, and expedition teams.

How do we accomplish this? Through a tireless, dedicated, TEAM approach, with everyone working harmoniously together toward our common goal – to provide your vessels with what they need to stay safe, able, and sailing on schedule.

To learn about the inner workings of today’s featured Delver Agents team, Shipments, please read below!

Delver’s Shipments department consists of seven members, who together are tasked with fulfilling the logistics requirements of spare parts and provisions that clients send to Ushuaia from all over the world and managing the storage of cargo.

Ensuring that our department runs smoothly requires the utmost in organization, collaboration, and attention to detail,” says Shipments Manager Lucas Assenti. “With so many moving parts and evolving logistics involved, it’s necessary that we work as a team to get the job done right and help our clients achieve their shipping objectives.”

The team relies heavily on one another, especially on days when the logistical demands are challenging. “There’s no better feeling than knowing the team has your back, especially when having to work together to overcome an unforeseen setback,” Assenti adds.

Proper communication and a commitment to organization are vital, as every day the team manages a significant amount of cargo for a variety of different clients and vessels. These attributes allow the department to guarantee that all shipments are delivered as scheduled and rest easy at the end of the workday knowing they met their clients’ needs.

Delver Agents Shipments Team:

  • Lucas Assenti: Shipments Manager
  • Matias Colinas: Warehouse leader
  • Roxana Ojeda: Ocean cargo
  • Lucas Kubabski: Ocean cargo
  • Mariano Ruiz: Air cargo
  • Laura Fili: Stock Controller
  • Gustavo Valverde: Warehouse operator

Team Motto:

“There’s no worse way of solving issues than to not try at all.” In other words, we won’t say something can’t be done until we’ve exhausted all possible options!Delver Agents Shipments Department is a dedicated and unified team committed to excellence in maritime operations and client satisfaction. For more information, visit