Working as a United Front Essential to Keeping Expedition Vessels Supplied and Equipped

Regarded as the premier ship agency in the region, Delver Agents proudly offers ship agency and supplies, logistical support, and import-export services to a global portfolio of clients operating in the Southern Cone of South America and Antarctica. With our staff and partners in Argentina, Chile, the United States, and Europe, we handle logistics for over 70 percent of Antarctica-bound cruise ships, yachts, and expedition teams.

How do we accomplish this? Through a tireless, dedicated, TEAM approach, with all members working harmoniously to provide your vessels with what they need to stay safe, able, and sailing on schedule.

To learn about the innerworkings of today’s featured Delver Agents team, Suppliers, please read below!

Delver’s Suppliers department consists of seven members, who together are tasked with ensuring that ships have all the equipment and provisions necessary for their cruise operations.

“As suppliers, we don’t get a second chance to get the job done right,” says Suppliers Division Manager Nicolas Curvetto. “Most of the ships we serve are at sea for days without seeing another port, so it’s vital that our team works together to make certain that all vessels are adequately supplied when they depart Ushuaia.”

The ability to come together as a team is essential, not only within the Suppliers department but also with the Delver warehousing staff. Both teams must support and assist each other at all phases of the job, and clear communication is key to ensure that all necessary provisions are available to successfully equip the carousel of expedition cruises that come through Ushuaia during the Antarctic cruise season, which runs from October to April each year.

“We’ve learned to work very well as a unified front,” says Curvetto. “The hours we’ve spent bonding during the Antarctic season, learning how to utilize each’s strengths, are what have allowed us to be successful. There’s no greater satisfaction we feel as a team than knowing we’ve checked every box and provided each vessel with everything they need on board before it sets off on a new journey.”

Delver Agents Suppliers Team:

  • Nicolas Curvetto: Manager of all Suppliers operations
  • Ricardo Lameiro: Leader of all Suppliers operations
  • Jonatan Gon: Research, procuring technical and mechanical items 
  • Ian Anderson: Provisions supply for MV Expedition and both Scenic Eclipse ships
  • Federico Valle: Documentation, Customs liaison 
  • Juan Traverso: Provisions supply for the Ponant and Seachefs ships 
  • Bruno Mateos: Provision supply for the Hurtigruten and Seachefs ships

Team Motto:

“One for all, and all for one!”

Delver Agents: Operations is a dedicated and unified team committed to excellence in maritime operations and client satisfaction. For more information, visit