Committed, Creative, and Adaptable: Leveraging Each Other’s Strengths to Deliver Successful Port Calls Daily

Regarded as the premier ship agency in the region, Delver Agents proudly offers ship agency and supplies, logistical support, and import-export services to a global portfolio of clients operating in the Southern Cone of South America and Antarctica. With our staff and partners in Argentina, Chile, the United States, and Europe, we handle logistics for over 70 percent of Antarctica-bound cruise ships, yachts, and expedition teams.

How do we accomplish this? Through a tireless, dedicated, TEAM approach, with all members working harmoniously to provide your vessels with what they need to stay safe, able, and sailing on schedule.

To learn about the innerworkings of today’s featured Delver Agents team, Operations, please read below!

Delver’s Operations department consists of eleven members, who together are tasked with managing all operations related to ships and shores. The team’s goal is to optimize seamlessness and efficiency across all its operational processes, utilizing each other’s strengths to continually execute successful ports of call for Delver’s esteemed list of clients.

“It’s a thrill to work with such a dedicated, hard-working team,” says Josefina Abascal, Delver’s Operations Manager. “Each day presents new logistics challenges, but our team always rises to meet them head-on with the same objective in mind – to exceed expectations at every turn and always keep our clients at the center of everything we do.”

The group takes special pride in several qualities shared among its members, recognizing the profound role these traits play in the team’s operational success. Among other valued attributes, these include the ability to remain patient and committed to supporting one another, creativity in finding new ways to come together despite their differences, and the adaptability necessary to meet clients’ ever-evolving needs.

Excellent communication is also emphasized, as the Operations team serves as the main client contact points. As such, they work to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the tasks at hand, empowering them to address complex problems as a united front.

“These qualities, along with maintaining positive attitude in an increasingly challenging work environment, are vital to our success as a team functioning at the highest level,” Abascal adds. “Because of these attributes, showcased daily by every member of our team, we can enjoy the great satisfaction of a ‘job well done.’ At the end of the workday, there’s nothing better than getting to share this feeling of accomplishment with each other.”

Delver Agents Operations Team:

  • Josefina Abascal (Manager)
  • Valentina Annichini (Port Agent)
  • Constanza Beati (Port Agent)
  • Tomas Bronzovich (Port Agent)
  • Juan Cabanas (Port Agent)
  • Juan Diaz (Port Agent)
  • Emiliano Fantoni (IMO Transportation)
  • Facundo Fernandez (Port Agent)
  • Juan Bautista Ortiz de Rozas (Port Agent)
  • Natalia Repetto (Port Agent)
  • Matias Sanchez Russo (Port Agent)

Team Motto: 

“To assist in every phase with a full understanding of all the contingencies that may arise, so we may guarantee the best possible service for our clients and feel the satisfaction of another successful port call.”

Delver Agents: Operations is a dedicated and unified team committed to excellence in maritime operations and client satisfaction. For more information, visit